A New Type of Attorney General’s Office: Video Recordings of Conversations with Frank Bellotti, the Man Who Did It

The video available here is the same as that shown at the Boston College Law School symposium. Program time considerations required a great deal of editing of the original footage. The original video comprises group interviews of Frank Bellotti. His interlocutors include Tom Kiley, Frank'ssecond First Assistant Attorney General, Steve Delinsky, Scott Harshbarger, Paula Gold, Barbara Rouse, John Montgomery, Don Stern, Steve Rosenfeld, Mitch Sikora, Margot Botsford, and, behind the scenes, Garrick Cole. The conversations focus on Frank's goals for a new type of attorney general's office and the way that he accomplished what he set out to do. The experiences that those who worked for and with him are summed up in the closing very simply: "It was the best job that I ever had." Frank makes his own assessments as the conversations progress, so watch the film.